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Brerro is a small business coaching network that understands the bottom line is just the beginning.

At the end of the day, your business is just one piece of your larger life puzzle. We are committed to helping our clients grow sustainable and profitable businesses so that they can provide lavishly for their loved ones, invest generously in causes they care about, and inspire more people to take a chance on themselves and live with purpose.

Starbucks coffee and a notebook


"We should work together."

“Definitely! If any of my marketing clients would be interested in your sales and leadership coaching, I’ll be sure to send them your way.”

“No. I mean we should go into business together.”

“What are we going to call it? ‘Two Guys Who Have Almost Nothing In Common Except for Their Passion for Helping Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Succeed So They Can Provide for Their Families and Build Strong Communities, Inc.’?”


And so, just one month before a global pandemic would shut down the Starbucks where they were currently working on their third or fourth coffees of the day, two guys who have almost nothing in common except for their passion for helping small business owners and entrepreneurs succeed so they can provide for their families and build stronger communities decided to start a business together. 

But they ended up calling it something different....

What's in a name?

Family is central to who we are. So much so, in fact, that it's in our name.

"Brerro" is an acronym formed from the first initials of our children's names.

(cute, right?)

If your business is taking more and more time and resources away from your family – if you feel trapped by your work when it should give you freedom – we want to help.


Like two (completely different types of) peas in a pod.

David Steininger

Dave is a freelance marketing consultant and host of Self-Employment Sidekick - equipping new entrepreneurs to grow their side-gig into their central gig.

From website design, video and podcast production, email, SEO, and robot poetry, Dave has provided marketing expertise to small businesses and nonprofits for over a decade.

He enjoys board games, perfecting his pizza recipes, psycho-analyzing his extended family members with his wife, and reading out loud (voices and all) to his 3 boys before bed.

Brian Consoli

Brian is the VP of business development for a $10M electronics company, and co-founder of Recalibrate USA - a nonprofit that provides counseling and community for military veterans.

When he's not leading his sales team to another record-setting year, you might find him shadowboxing or teaching international entrepreneurship as an adjunct professor at his alma mater.

He also likes history memes, shooting things with a crossbow, and watching bare-knuckle boxing with his wife and 3 girls.

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